Now you're just somebody i used to know

"the truth is.. if someone is ignoring you for being real then there is no person to spend time at. Maybe it was not what i really wanted in the end. But sometimes you have to take the hit, to feel new ones. See it in everything. But i guess i will forget with the time. But i will never regret anything that made me smile"

Your life is like a book, it should be told

My own words life is about how much you want it, make it on your own way. Cuz' you only live once so make it big. No regrets just fun. Your life is like a book, it's got to be told. Some die young, live life like it's is your last. And if you don't live for something you'll die for nothing, you just have to find that thing who made you happy and sacrifice all things that you ever building up and fighting for, and belive it's worth.

In the end, we always become the person we swored we never be, we're same in the end

Can i go back to the start? i'm just running in circles, nobody say i was easy but nobody never ever said i would be this hard. Let's go back to the start. I just get what i want but it's not what i need. And when i feel so tired but i just can't sleep, i'm so stuck in reverse. I know if i never try i will never know, and i know it's what i'm worth. Life goes on but it gets more heavy. Every rose has a thorn. But i'm just keep dreaming on paradise.

Old enough to know better, but too young to care

"Honestly.. i'm not sure if i should keep holding on or let it go. Cuz' i know it's stupid to hold on to something that hurting you, but it's also stupid to let go of everything you ever wanted right know"

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